Essential Business For Restaurant Supply

March 24, 2020

To Whom it May Concern,

Rose’s Equipment & Supply provides “Essential Business” services and products to the following:

  • Restaurants To-Go, Curbside, and Delivery Services
  • Health Care Organizations
  • Schools providing temporary Food Service

This includes supplying necessary products and services to feed customers during this time of public need.
The Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance published on March 16, 2020 instructs workers of Critical Infrastructure Industries, such as the Food and Beverage sector, to maintain normal work patterns during global coronavirus outbreak. This staff member, of Rose’s Equipment & Supply, therefore, is carrying out a duty within the sector that has been designated as critical infrastructure, the continued operation of which is vital for nation public health, and safety.

Considering the Government’s Coronavirus Guidance, please allow this staff member to proceed in the federal interests of providing these critical services to local businesses.


Tom Rose/Owner
Rose’s Equipment & Supply