Closeout & Like New Products

NEW and some are LIKE NEW!   Close-Outs  and Discontinued Products.

All at Discounted Prices! These Close-Out items are limited to stock on hand.  Ask us for details. 

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Steelite-Champagne Rona Flute-6 oz

Stock Number-STE4854R353

6/Pack-Reg. Price  $99.00  


Steelite-Harmonia Beer Pilsner 13 oz

Stock Number-STE4920Q111

6/Pack-Reg. Price $99.00


Steelite-Long Drink Glass 10.25oz

Stock Number-STE4915Q062

6/pack Reg. Price $47.50


Steelite-Cortina Rocks Glass 8.5 oz

Stock Number=-STE4915Q065

6/Pack Reg. Price $44.00


Steelite-Oatmeal Bowl 16 oz White

Stock Number-STE11010126

6/Case Reg. Price $135.00


Steelite-Slimline 7" Plate-White

Stock Number-STE11010213

1/Dozen Reg. Price $288.00


Steelite-Service/Chop Plate 11-3/4" White

Stock Number-STE11010226

1/Dozen Reg. Price $624.00